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Brass scratchbuilt signals.
Modern Signal Gantry for Widnes Vine Yard 4mm LayoutAlt View of Modern Signal GantryRear View of Modern Signal GantryClose Up View of Modern Signal GantryFully Functional 3 Aspect Signal - Stencil Box and Call OnClose Up of Stencil Box & Call On3 of 4 Single Post SigalsGantry UnpaintedVertical Supports - UnfinishedView of Base, Foundation Bolts, PanelMock Assy of Vertical Supports & GantryOverall View of Walkway - UnpaintedRoute of Wire - Back of 3 Aspect Head removedThe Model Prior to Installation on the LayoutMethod used to Hide WiringThe Model on Charlotte Road LayoutPrototype - Overall ViewPrototype - Detail of Vertical UprightPrototype - Foundation/Base Detail